Diverse Networks, Inc


Diverse Networks, Inc "Where you'll Appreciate the Difference" Type of Business: Telecommunications Construction, Implementation, Engineering Products, Technical Services, and Order Fulfillment Diverse Networks, Inc is a 100% owned and controlled minority business enterprise, which specializes in: - Project Management - Network Certification - MDU/Residential/Commercial Applications - Structured Wiring - System Maintenance/Activation/Service - Fiber & Copper Splicing - Engineering - Underground & Aerial Construction/Rebuilds - Digital/Analog/High Speed Data / Telephony Installations - Telecommunications Design & Implementation - System Audits/Visual and Technical - Trap Projects - Turnkey Solutions

Years in Business: 6



Jacksonville, FL
Raleigh, NC


Number of Employees: 42



Ray A. Grimsley (904)-730-4601
Mike Rinesmith (919)-201-5364
David Kite (904)-730-4601
Gordon Baker (919)-957-4528

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